Relaxation Bodywork

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  • starting at $65
  • Home Studio (address given at time of booking)

Service Description

I provide therapeutic bodywork treatments designed to integrate body and mind. You can expect your session to be deep, effective and incredibly relaxing. All treatments include aromatherapy and hot towel foot wraps at no extra charge. Each session is unique and specific to your body. I don't subscribe to the 'no pain no gain theory': rather than forcing my way into your soft tissue and muscles, I use heat and the support of pillows and blankets to create an opportunity for your body to relax and receive this therapeutic treatment. I work as deep as your tissues allow. Relax, breathe and let go... *Please note, this is not massage therapy. This is bodywork. I use a combination of Swedish massage, joint release and traction, deep tissue, hydrotherapy, head and foot massage.

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Home Studio 72 Thatcher Drive, Winnipeg, MB, Canada