Class Description

Classes work a little bit differently around here at little hive yoga. Most classes are a monthly ‘special event’ class. Consider this your monthly mini-retreat or renewal to re-set and restore your body and mind. There are a few classes that are running by 6-week sessions. ALL classes will run throughout the fall, winter and spring. Summers are dedicated to a dabble of ‘one day’ yoga retreats. Class sizes are small so you will receive all the attention you need. Take a look and see what fits you best.

Welcome to little hive yoga!

Sessional classes- 6 weeks

HATHA AND YIN- with NATASHA LENON This is a wonderful class for all levels. Hatha and Yin is a combination of gentle movement and passive stretches while focusing on the breath. This class is designed to open your body plus with the additional benefit of calming your mind and renewing your energy. Beginner friendly. Tea served after practice

PRE-NATAL YOGA- with NATASHA LENON If you’re pregnant and looking for ways to relax or stay fit, little hive yoga has you covered. This class is designed to support women in all stages of their pregnancy, tone important muscle groups and prepares for labour and delivery. Pre-natal yoga also helps with relief from common pregnancy complaints and helps mamma stay healthy both in the body and mind. Every class will include a guided meditation focusing on deep relaxation. Tea served after practice. * little hive yoga is a small studio thus lending itself to create a community vibe with other pregnant women. 

LITTLE HIVE RENEWAL - with NATASHA LENON Join me for this monthly class to re-set, relax and renew your energy. This two hour practice will combine gentle yin, restorative yoga and guided deep relaxation meditation. For most of us our lives are full, often with little time to relax. This special practice has been created to guide you back to your true nature and reconnect. Take the time to pause your usual mode of ‘doing’ and rest with the stillness. RELAX. Tea and healthy treats served at the end of practice. *90min also class available

MAMMA RENEWAL- with Natasha Lenon This is a two-hour practice of post-natal wellness! Just you, no baby. Mamma Renewal has been created specifically for women who have had a baby in the last 2 years. Through a series of yoga poses, this class is uniquely crafted to connect to the core, tone the pelvic floor and strengthen the lower back. But the best part is? There will be time given to relaxation and restoration. Giving your body and mind some pure bliss! Tea and healthy treats are served at the end of practice. *Natasha is currently studying to become a post-natal doula with Doula Canada.

MOM AND BABY YOGA- with Natasha Lenon Mamma’s will experience a flow sequence specifically designed to strengthen and stretch the body plus improve posture, all in a relaxed atmosphere with other mom’s and their babies. Laugh, have some fun practicing yoga and connecting with your baby, feel good in your body. Create your own group for this monthly practice or come to meet other mom’s. Babies age: newborn-12months Tea served after practice.