BlossOM Girl

BlossOm Girls isn’t just a camp, its a community. This 5-day program for self-identifying girls ages 9-13 is based on fostering connections, empowering one another and learning tools for self-care. Each morning will begin with a yoga class, followed by art projects, nature walks/meditations, workshops and empowerment activities. Girls will foster friendships and build community in a safe and accepting environment.

Each day we will have two yoga classes, at least one craft, mindful discussions based on the theme, meditation and empowerment activities. We plan to be outside at least once a day.

Day 1: WHO AM I? Our first day is about self-expression. We will be doing activities to express ourselves through creativity and work on fostering growth through reflection activities. Activities include: Vision boards, journal making, self portrait, mantra making, outdoor meditations.

Day 2: FLOWER POWER: Our second day is about the earth. We will be exploring outside and understanding our connection to the earth, as well as learning about natural ways to do things. Activities include: Natural dying, flower pressing, nature walk/walking meditation.

Day 3: NATURAL BEAUTY: Our third day is all about beauty! We will be talking about taking care of our inner beauty and learning tools for self-care. Activities include: Bath bombs, face masks, affirmation rocks, restorative yoga.

Day 4: COMMUNITY: Our fourth day is about connecting with others. We will be doing lots of team building, group work and talking about the importance of community. Activities include: Mala bracelets, team building games, group meditation, partner yoga.

Day 5: UTHSAVA(celebration): For our fifth and last day, we will be making beauty wall hangings, writing each other messages, eating natural pop-cycles and having a pool party in the studio's pool (weather permitting).

Activities include: Wall hanging, letter to self, pool party,

General Schedule:

8:30/9:00 am DROP OFF/HANGOUT

9-10/10:30 am YOGA CLASS

10:30-10:45 am SNACK BREAK

10:45-12:00 pm CRAFT/WORKSHOP

12:00-12:45/1 pm LUNCH


2:00-3/3:30 pm YOGA CLASS


4:00/4:30 pm PICK UP

Rates: $250 for the week $75 per day

What to Bring: Water bottle Hat, Sunscreen Lunch/Snacks NO NUTS Swim Suit (for our pool party on the last day, weather dependent) Weather appropriate clothing, as we will be going outdoors every day

*PLEASE NOTE: We are a technology-free zone. Please do not bring iPods, phones, etc with you.

Meet the Teacher: Hello! I’m Gracie. I am an art student who has a passion for yoga. I became a certified kids and youth yoga teacher three years ago in Calgary, AB, but my practice started many years before at the age of 12. For me, yoga gave me a place where I could just be. It didn’t involve competition, which most active sports do. It allowed me to connect movement with stillness, which is exactly what I needed going into my teen years. Every time I practiced, I felt genuinely better after. It gave me a place to be exactly how I felt in that moment. As I grew into my practice, I became more aware of the effect of yoga on my life. I wanted every kid to be able to experience this magic. My goal as a yoga teacher is to create a space where kids can feel safe to be who they are and to not feel like anything is expected from them. And of course to share my love of yoga, which will hopefully be passed onto them. This past summer I had the chance to work with self-identifying girls aged 8-14. While working with them, I was able to learn more about what it’s like to be growing up in our world today. With the constant use of technology, I felt that there wasn’t always a place for girls to feel free from the pressure of society. My goal has been to create a program where all girls feel safe to find their inner voice and to express themselves authentically without judgment. And that is what started BlossOm girls. When I’m not teaching, you can find me involved in various creative projects, attending OCAD Univeristy in Toronto, tending to my honey bee hive or spending time in nature.